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Anonymous : I'm obsessed with my boyfriend's dick. It is a serious problem. What ever we are doing or wherever we are I need to touch it or summin. I love watching him masturbate. Oh god i'm such a cockslut.

hahahah i don’t think that’s necessariy a bad thing

Anonymous : Hows your friend and his gf doing?

doing good

Anonymous : i get EXTREMELY nervous around boys... what can i do ?

Ok before you even approach the boy, think about the things you want to say to him and the things you want to get across. That way, when you actually get to the situation you don’t completely blank out . And then trust me when you find the guy that fits with your personality, you guys will click and you will feel completely comfortable around him. But in order to get to that point just be yourself, never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, and definitely give it your all, because it will be worth it at the end! Even if it means just starting to text him first before going on dates, because that way you will be more comfortable, and he can find out how you really feel about him! Let me know how it goes! 

Anonymous : im 19 never kissed or touched a boy is it weird ?

Not at all, some girls take longer than others and that’s perfectly normal, the time will come one day

Anonymous : Me&my friend have been best friends for 13 years. We started to kiss a lot and have sex. We always say 'I love you' and mean it. He wants me to move in with him. I want to but I'm scared. We aren't officially together but I feel like we are. HELP?

change is always scary, especially when your friendship is being put on the line. but you shouldn’t ever fear change and i think that if you both have feelings for each other, you should get over your fear and see what happens

Anonymous : i really wanna try anal, but is shit going to come out when my bf pulls it out?

No, no shit will come out, but try to clean yourself out somehow before.

Anonymous : I broke up with my boyfriend about two months ago. We had been hanging for 6 months before we started dating and dated for 3 months. This weekend he admitted to still having feelings for me and I feel this same way (I didn't tell him that though) and he has been purposefully posting pics to try and make me jealous ever since and seem as if he's moving on. Don't know if I want to date him again but I know I still really care and don't know what to do or say to him?

it depends for what reasons the two of you broke up. if he cheated or anything like that you should stay strong and probably just stay friends for now but if it was over something small i’d say give it another try. if you really don’t want to date him again for whatever reason you should continue talking and maybe you’ll be lucky to even stay friends